MIT aims to create a dynamic mixed-use center in Kendall Square through this historic opportunity to redevelop the Volpe parcel. The Institute will build on the Cambridge community’s extensive urban planning and visioning efforts to advance a plan that connects the neighborhood with new open space, pedestrian links, housing, retail, and science and innovation space.

Community Meeting: Sixth Street Park and First Volpe Building Design Review

Final Zoning Documents

Thank you for your support throughout the Volpe Rezoning petition process!

On June 21, 2017, MIT filed its Volpe rezoning petition, launching the City’s formal public hearing process. The proposal built on several years of community-wide analysis, and specifically reflected input gathered during five months of MIT-led community discussions. It was further refined through the City’s process and numerous community meetings, and further augmented by a commitment letter. MIT is committed to promoting a vibrant, diverse, and welcoming hub of activity in Kendall Square.


Thank you for joining us at the MIT/Volpe Block Party& Games! We had a blast and looks like you did, too!

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